Lower Your Electric Bill with Smart Air Conditioning

Scorching hot days not only mean intensely high temperatures, but also high expenses. Hot days can especially cause your electric bill to skyrocket – poorly maintained air conditioner, not properly installed and in operation all day can lead to very high costs.

But it’s not like you can turn on the air conditioner on a hot summer day – or can you? Believe it or not, there are ways that you can save on your electricity bill even when you regularly use the air conditioner. All it takes is a few small steps that lead to big savings.

If you want to keep your home a cool and comfortable place to live in for you and your family but don’t want the surprise of an extremely high electricity bill at the end of the month.


Here are a few tips to help you save money and electricity with smart air conditioning.

  1. Keep your air conditioning unit running in the morning but turned off at night. Days are normally warmer than nights and when you will need the air conditioner more. So keep your air conditioner running during the daytime hours, but conserve energy and electricity by turning the air conditioner off at night. Open your windows and let the cool night air in, instead of having the air conditioner cool your room for you.
  2. Replace your air conditioner’s filter regularly. Keeping your air conditioner running at optimized levels allows you to get the most out of it while keeping your electricity costs at bay. Make sure you regularly check and clean your air conditioner. The easiest way to maintain your air conditioning unit is to constantly check if its filter is clean. The filter can get clogged with dirt and dust, so cleaning it or replacing it when needed allows the air conditioner to run better.
  3. Install weather stripping around your doors and windows to ensure that cool air by the air conditioner will not escape through cracks and small spaces around these doors and windows. Furthermore, properly insulating your home from the heat will make it easier for your air conditioning unit to cool the many spaces of your home.
  4. Keep your thermostat at 72 degrees Fahrenheit or 22 degrees Celsius, as this is the optimal temperature if you want to save on your electricity bill. Note that for every degree that you increase your thermostat, the more you’ll save on your electricity bill. You can also have a programmable thermostat installed with a timer so you can have the system adjust the temperature automatically for you in an efficient and optimal way.
  5. Lessen the asphalt, rock and cement on the south and west areas outside your home, as these materials can heat up and increase the temperature around the house and consequently inside the house as well. If your landscaping requires a lot of these materials, make sure the areas where they are placed are shaded.


Guide To Hiring a Heating Repair Contractor

The heating system is a valuable investment for your home. When it breaks down you need to hire a company that you trust to do the heating repair for you. You need to be careful when choosing a home heating repair. It is dangerous to hire a technician without doing research. They could permanently damage your heating system. It could also result to overpaying for a service or higher electricity bills. Heating repair is a technical job that requires hiring professionals and taking safety precautions. There are many heating repair technicians. Finding the one suited for the job can be tricky. Here are tips to consider before hiring one.

  1. Ask for referrals

Asking your friends, coworkers or family for recommendations is the best way of finding a company that is experienced in this field. People that you know are known to give honest impressions. When you get in touch with the company, ask them for references from previous clients. Check their website for any testimonials. Do not hire them if you find any complains.

heating repair

  1. Only Hire Qualified Professional

A professional heater technician should have a license. Ask them for their license number and then check if they are accredited. The licence should be current. Check if they have proof of insurance. The insurance should cover liability and worker compensation. If they do not have you could be held responsible for accident in your premises. A good professional should carry out regular maintenance on the system that they install.

  1. Compare their prices

Contractors offer different services and charge different prices. Contact several contractors and compare their service and rates. A good contractor should not quote a price before inspecting your premises. They should inspect and assess your needs first. The cost that they quote should include cost for labour, material, potential energy saving, taxes and warranty. Take into account any special deals that they offer. They help to keep the costs down. Also, check the financing options. Some contractors require that you pay a deposit first before they begin work. Read their terms carefully.

  1. Seek out experience

Find out from the contractor or their website how long they have been doing business. Check if they are part time or long term contractors and their area of expertise. Choose a professional full time contractor and one that has experience on working on systems similar to yours.

heating repair adelaide

  1. Get it in Writing

After landing the right heating repair contractor, make sure that you put your agreement in writing before work begins. The contract should spell out the cost of the job, project schedule and warranty if possible. All the terms that you have agreed should be included. Read the contract before signing it. Make sure that you keep copies of all documents that you sign.

Heating systems are not cheap. You need them especially during the winter and summer. If heating repair technician need repair, make sure that you hire a technician that you trust. The tips discussed above make it easier for you to get the best heating repair contractor. Make use of them.

A Quick Look Into How Commercial HVAC Systems Work

Commercial HVAC systems are astonishingly complex. Their primary purpose is to offer a comfortable working environment for everyone in the building. It is achieved by getting rid of contaminated air through filtration or exhaust systems, managing energy, and taking air from outside to control indoor temperatures.

While most people may find that the systems are quite complex, it is important to have a clue on how they work. It might help out loads in case a problem crops up in the future.

air conditioning installation

Essential Parts Of The Commercial Systems

The systems are made up of different parts that may include:

  • Fans- these are responsible for the circulation of the supply of air as well as return air.
  • Air devices- such as outlets and inlets.
  • Supply air ductwork- it is where the heated air flows through after it is released from the fans.
  • Auxiliary heating device- it can be an electric heating system or a natural gas heating furnace.
  • Filtering sections- their main work is to remove any dust particles and dirt from the system and in the air.
  • Controls- they handle the regulation of the flow of air, and they also start and stop the unit.

The above list is not exhaustive as many other parts work together to warm your business premise during cold weather.

How Do The Systems Function In Huge Buildings

Taking a look at standard commercial HVAC systems, you will note that burners in the system generate combustion gases when the heating system is turned on. From here they are transported to a heat exchanger.

Air is warmed when it is blown across the heat exchanger. Warm air is finally carried through various ducts to heat up the whole building.

HVAC system

What Are The Factors That Define Your HVAC System

All HVAC systems come with some standard components. However, there are different ways of optimising and implementing HVAC systems. When choosing the system to use some of the elements that contribute to efficient performance include:

  • Fuel that is responsible for heating is it gas, oil or electricity?
  • The coolant- is it an air conditioner, chiller, gas air conditioner or electric heat pump?
  • How is the cooling or heating delivered through space- Is it a water system or ducted air?
  • What is the type of ventilation approach used?  Does the system have a dedicated ventilation system used?

Types Of Commercial HVAC Systems Available

Commercial buildings can take advantage of various interconnected systems that offer cooling and heating for individual floors as well as other areas. Some solutions that you may see in the large-scale systems include:

  • Roof top units- these are installed on the ceiling and some of the ground. Conditioned air is then ducted into space. A majority of businesses prefer to use this kind.
  • Heat pumps- they extract heat from water or air before it is heated. They work just like refrigerators but in reverse. For the water source heat pump, the pipe transports the water via the structure in a bid to supply the heat pump.
  • Heaters- these are available in two types- hot air furnace which burns fuel to heat air and the radiant heaters that make use of invisible infrared radiation to directly heat the objects.
  • Chillers- they generate cool water that is distributed to air cooling coils through sophisticated piping systems.

Why You Need to Take Care of your Heating System Filter

It is one of those hot summer days. Naturally, you turn to your heating system. Unfortunately, it won’t start up, or it starts up and isn’t working as it should. Most problems with HVAC units can be traced back to the heating system filter.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to take care of your heating system filter.

What is the Role of the Heating System Filter?

The heating system filter keeps your heating system clean. If it weren’t there, every part of the air conditioning system would be filled up with dust and other buildups, which would then be emitted around your home/business premises.

In essence, the filter’s primary role is to keep your HVAC system running optimally.

The filter itself needs regular cleaning or replacement if required so that it functions as expected. Given that its primary purpose is to keep your heating system clean the filter is most susceptible to dust build up.

What Happens If You Don’t Maintain Your Heating System Filter?

If you do not stick to regular maintenance of your heating system filter, the result will be the inefficient performance of your HVAC system.

When the filter is dirty, it will cause the HVAC unit to use up more energy because it has to work harder to provide the heating required. It can also lead to the breakdown of other parts of the heating system.

Some of the other consequences of not maintaining your heating system as required include:

  •      Burning smells
  •      Smoke or dust emission
  •      Longer time to warm up your home/office
  •      Higher costs of energy
  •      Reduced equipment life
  •      Increased repair costs

As you can see, several things can go wrong if your heating system filter is not maintained as required.

Proper Heating System Filter Maintenance

First things first, regular cleaning of your heating system filter will help to keep it working optimally. If you are not too sure how to go about it, get an HVAC professional to service your filter as well as your heating system as a whole.

A heating system filter should be replaced every 1 to 3 months, depending on the particular model and your general usage.

It is equally important to be able to take note of signs that your filter needs cleaning or replacement. For instance, if you turn on your heater and you smell dust, or some dust is emitted from the unit then you should instantly clean your filters. Another tell sign would be dust build up in the air ducts or outer casing of your heating system.

Increased energy costs could be an indication of clogged up filters as well. The most serious signs include burning smells, smoke coming out of your HVAC unit or even fires erupting from your HVAC system.

As you can see, it is critical to take care of your heating system filter. The HVAC filter plays a crucial role in ensuring that your heating system functions as required. Schedule regular maintenance of your heating system filter and replacement as needed.

5 Tips For Lowering Residential Air Conditioning Costs

During the summer when the temperatures rise, most people crank up their air cons. Increased air con use comes with cost implications, which many of us would love to figure out a way around. Here are six tips to keep your residential air conditioning costs low.

  1. Get an Energy Efficient Residential Air Conditioning System

As they say ‘prevention is better than cure,’ and if you are in a position to first and foremost get an energy efficient residential air conditioning system.

Central air con systems tend to be more cost effective compared to through-the-wall or window units. They also tend to be quieter, convenient and don’t get in the way with their placement.

  1. Shade Placement

  The placement of your air con system plays a role when it comes to keeping costs down. The best placement should be within a shaded space.

When in contact with sunlight, most residential air conditioning systems will first work to cool off internally before cooling the surrounding air. When the air con first has to cool itself up, it uses more energy and resulting in higher energy costs.

Therefore, placing an air con system in a shaded space means that the air con system will be able to cool much faster compared to if it’s put in contact with sunlight.

  1. Keep Heat Away from the Thermostat

Still, about placement, you should ideally place your air con’s thermostat away from appliances that produce heat.

When the thermostat senses heat, it will run longer, and you know what this means. You want to keep it running for as long as necessary and therefore keeping it away from the sun, TV sets and lamps will help tremendously.

  1. A Little Heat Never Hurt

In as much as you want to maintain a cold environment indoors, especially during those hot summer months, surviving through a little heat will keep your costs down.

Most residential air conditioning systems will consume a lot of energy when the temperature is dialled down to below 78. Estimated have it that dialling your air con down to temperatures below 78 increases power consumption up to 8%.

Say your monthly energy bill is $100, if you can keep the temperature at 78 or above you’ll be able to cut about $8 or more off your bill.

Also, when completely not necessary, you can live without switching on the air con.

  1. Clean the Air Con’s System

Amongst the leading cause of high residential air conditioning costs is clogged filters. The air con’s filters should be cleaned out at least once monthly particularly in the summer months when it is in high use.

The air con’s filters tend to get clogged up with dust and other allergens with increased use. Clogged filters make the unit work harder to supply cold air, and the result is more energy consumption.

Cleaning and replacing air filters when needed can help reduce energy costs.

By implementing one or a combination of these suggested tips, you are sure to keep your residential air conditioning costs low. Remember that maintenance goes a long way in keeping your air con system functioning in tip top condition as expected.

5 ways inbound marketing strategies affect home improvement companies

Inbound marketing is a very effective strategy to attract customers. Here are some inbound marketing strategies that can help home improvement companies to get customers.

Develop local awareness

Inbound marketing can result in immediate increase in local SEO. The study indicates that 50% of consumers who do a local search from a smartphone is likely to visit a local store within a short time. If the customer can find your company when they search for home improvement service, then they are likely to pick your service. It can also rank your sites high in the search results for local businesses.

Educate your DIY customers

Customers often search for answers to their problems online. DIYers are those who want to fix problems on their own. You can produce contents to empower your audience. For example, you can write an article on how to fix clogged drain. So, if a user looking for an immediate solution to fixing a clogged drain, then he or she may come across your article. So, they will learn about your company.

Continues to build SEO

Inbound marketing content builds your SEO continuously. It keeps on educating your audience even long after the first date the content was published. With every inbound marketing campaign, you will be creating blogs, social media posts, etc. around a specific theme. You must create quality contents for your audience, and they will find it online whenever they need.

Form relationships in the community

Inbound marketing can help to develop the relationship with your community and audience. When prospective clients visit social networks, they want to see your connection to the community. Social media is very effective in inbound marketing campaigns.

It is cost effective

Inbound marketing is more cost effective than outbound marketing. If you have limited marketing budget, then you should use inbound marketing strategy.

You can see that each of the benefit discussed above supports the others. Inbound marketing is a very effective strategy, and the home improvement companies must make full use of it.

Who Is The Most Suited Contractor For Air Conditioning Repairs In Inner West Sydney

How do you find an ideal air conditioning repair expert outside the CBD, into the inner west Sydney? The fact that most businesses are concentrated around the CBD doesn’t mean that they only serve the Sydney Central residents. It shouldn’t be hard to find an air conditioning expert, inner west Sydney home or property. Read on for a guide on the factors any AC company must fulfil to serve in the region adequately.

  1. Local offices or representation

Air conditioning repairs are usually urgent and should be corrected as soon as they happen. Nevertheless, since they are quite infrequent for a company or individual to consider hiring a full-time repair expert, it makes it necessary for the external contractor to be nearby when this happens. It is, therefore, imperative that you only hire an air conditioning repair expert with an established local presence in the form of either an operational office or on-demand agents.

  1. Available around the clock

Even with the proof of executive offices and agencies in town, the preferred repair expert must also be available around the clock. Remember, efficiency in emergency based operations like air conditioning repair isn’t proven by the existence of an office but the ability to show up when needed. Therefore, before engaging a given company or agent n a long-term repair contract, consult widely about their previous service history in the region from clients they have previously served either directly or through online reviews.

  1. Registration

The easiest way to having your newly installed air conditioning system warranty invalidated is settling having it installed by a non-registered HVAC system installer. This would mean the loss of important perks such as system part replacement as well as reimbursement in case of design instigated failure or system corruption. Avoid warranty means that you have to dig deep into your savings every time the system breakdown and even deeper should it totally collapse before the expiry of the warranty period.

  1. Experience with your particular air conditioning system

There are three causes of air conditioning systems. These can be due to either industrial defects, professional negligence during installation and repair as well as defects resulting from poor maintenance by the owner. While the industrial defects will be covered by the warranty and the owner more than willing to pay for their negligence, it would be disappointing to learn that you are paying a system repair agent to correct problems they previously caused.

It is, therefore, imperative to ensure that you hire the right repair expert the first time around. Before hiring them, seek to establish their level of experience in repairing different kinds of air conditioning systems. Additionally, confirm the standard of experience the repair agent has on your specific type of conditioner. The higher the experience, the lower the risk of contracting repairer instigated conditioner problems.

You will receive several quite appealing proposals for air conditioning repairs, inner west Sydney from both local and national HVAC companies. Carefully analyse them all and identify the most promising professionals based on their availability and experience as well as registration.



Carrier Air Conditioning Repairs in Sydney: What To Look For In A Repair Expert

What is the current condition of your carrier air conditioner? The Carrier furnaces and air conditioning systems invented by Willis Carrier are the oldest cooling systems currently available globally, including in Sydney. Carriers are also some of the most technologically advanced heating and cooling systems today. But this too doesn’t shield them from the standard conditioner problems like blocked filters, overheating that prompt frequent breakdown.

When such inconveniences strike, it is important that you have a reliable repair expert at your side. Thus, if you are using a carrier air conditioning system in Sydney, here are a few things you should know about the finding the appropriate repair expert and when to call them.

Experience with the carrier systems

What are you looking for carrier air conditioning repairs, Sydney; it is imperative that you first confirm if they are experienced repairing carrier products. The carrier systems are designed differently from other conditioning systems and therefore need an experienced repair technician. The advanced technology applied in developing and programming the systems is also proof enough of the level of expertise required in solving them.

The good thing is their industry pioneering factor has consistently made them the center of focus to both the budding and seasoned repair technicians. It, therefore, won’t be hard to find an expert air con repair technician in Sydney.

When should you call the technician?

Knowing who to call when you experience difficulties operating or using the Carrier system is one thing while knowing when to call them is another. And though the Carrier systems are the most reliable cooling and heating systems currently available in the market today, they aren’t devoid of challenges. That the reason you need to master both techniques and after sampling who to call, here is how you know when to call them.

  1. You can’t get your carrier AC to start

If you turn the system on but it fails or takes long to kick, that’s the first indication you should call a carrier air conditioning repairs, Sydney expert. But if you have a circuit breaker to the system, hard boot it. This involves switching it off for some time before switching it back on and calling the expert should it fail to work.

  1. The AC runs but doesn’t bring in air

Though this is rare, sometimes the unit might be running normally but doesn’t bring in cold air to the house. This problem may be due to blocked vents or disconnection at the base of the condenser and supply vents. When faced with such a problem, switch of the conditioner and wait for the repair expert. Don’t try to unblock or reconnect the ventilations

  1. Sudden disruptive noises during operation

Carrier air conditioning systems are supposed to operate silently. Therefore, if your system starts producing clunking thumping, and banging sounds, that is an indicator you need to schedule a maintenance check. At this point ask yourself the last time the moving parts within the condenser like the belts were lubricated. If they are regularly oiled, then your system may be experiencing deeper problems.  

How Frequently Should You Service Your Air Conditioner And How Do You Service It?

When is the last time you serviced your home or business air conditioning system? Don’t be like most people that will always wait until it breaks down or malfunctions to call in the relatively expensive emergency repair service, probably during the winter or hot summer seasons. Did you know that most of these repair and part replacement costs can be easily avoided through proper servicing and regular maintenance? The big question, however, lies on how frequently should you have the AC serviced and how do you go about the process?


Servicing frequency

Expert air conditioning service providers in Sydney advise that every air conditioner should be thoroughly cleaned and serviced at least once annually. They also suggest that such cleaning should take place irrespective of the state of the system. You live in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs or equally dusty neighbourhoods; you will notice a buildup of dirt particles in the condenser as it is usually fixed in open places outside the home. High levels of such accumulation often lower its efficiency. The sad fact is that these are problems that can go undetected by regular repair experts.


Benefits of keeping the AC clean

Keeping your AC clean not provides you with cost benefits but also lowers your energy consumption but also optimises temperatures around the house. Additionally, frequently cleaned air conditioners in Sydney are said to have minimal maintenance costs as they rarely break down.


How to service an AC in Sydney’s eastern suburbs

In most cases, the air conditioning service involves cleaning the primary components of the air conditioner that primarily include the condenser and the evaporator. These two parts of the AC are closed and should only be opened and tightly closed by a professional AC installer or maintenance service provider. Hiring a professional servicer ensures that you don’t leave either of the systems improperly fixed after cleaning, a fact that may prompt inefficiency and in worst cases pose a danger to those around it.


However, by hiring a professional cleaner, you are assured that they will also get to identify AC problems that might be cropping up and resolve them before they get out of hand. For instance, every professional air conditioning service provider operating in Sydney and its Eastern Suburbs is obliged to recommend a change of the air filter with every annual clean up exercise. This should be taken as the first test of professionalism for every AC service provider to weed out amateurs masquerading and AC professionals.


You should also note that cleaning doesn’t just end with the cleaning of the condenser and the evaporator. The servicer should also test for leaks and blockages within the central air flow system using the leak detector. Blockages should be thoroughly cleared and leakages sealed to ensure the heating and cooling system don’t illegally release their gases to the atmosphere resulting in unbalanced temperatures.


Bottom line

Air conditioning service should be conducted annually by adequately qualified professionals with a broad industry experience in the cleaning service. These not only ensure the cleanliness of the central system but also check for perceived underlying problems like filter failures as well as airflow leakages and blockages. By calling in help from these professionals, you end up saving up on maintenance and future repairs.


If you are looking for experts with the right advice, try https://getquickair.com.au/wa/air-conditioner-repair-perth


3 useful marketing tips for home improvement companies

The home improvement industry is enjoying some good time now. But due to intense competition, home improvement companies find it hard to get new clients. Without an effective marketing strategy, in is impossible to get new clients. Here are some useful marketing tips for these companies.

Spend money on the marketing campaign

You should allocate a good budget for the marketing campaign. You need to spend your time and money to come up with a good marketing strategy for your business. You should monitor your marketing results over time to see if the strategies are working or not.

Provide training to your team

A strong sales team is needed to encourage customers to work with you. The sales team must know what type of customers to look for. They should have sound knowledge about the business and should be able to talk about the various benefits that the business can provide. Finally, they must convince the customers to hire them for their home improvement service. All these need proper training. So, you have to invest in training your sales team.

Never forget to follow up

After you have got new leads, your job doesn’t end. You should make sure that the leads convert. If you don’t follow-up, there won’t be any conversion. According to a study, about 80% of opportunities are lost due to lack of following up. You should be persistent about following your lead.

Simply by following these tips, you will be able to get more sales. Investing in the right places is important. Your marketing strategy should focus on getting leads and converting them into actual customers. You should look at the market trend before deciding on your marketing strategy.