How Frequently Should You Service Your Air Conditioner And How Do You Service It?

When is the last time you serviced your home or business air conditioning system? Don’t be like most people that will always wait until it breaks down or malfunctions to call in the relatively expensive emergency repair service, probably during the winter or hot summer seasons. Did you know that most of these repair and part replacement costs can be easily avoided through proper servicing and regular maintenance? The big question, however, lies on how frequently should you have the AC serviced and how do you go about the process?


Servicing frequency

Expert air conditioning service providers in Sydney advise that every air conditioner should be thoroughly cleaned and serviced at least once annually. They also suggest that such cleaning should take place irrespective of the state of the system. You live in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs or equally dusty neighbourhoods; you will notice a buildup of dirt particles in the condenser as it is usually fixed in open places outside the home. High levels of such accumulation often lower its efficiency. The sad fact is that these are problems that can go undetected by regular repair experts.


Benefits of keeping the AC clean

Keeping your AC clean not provides you with cost benefits but also lowers your energy consumption but also optimises temperatures around the house. Additionally, frequently cleaned air conditioners in Sydney are said to have minimal maintenance costs as they rarely break down.


How to service an AC in Sydney’s eastern suburbs

In most cases, the air conditioning service involves cleaning the primary components of the air conditioner that primarily include the condenser and the evaporator. These two parts of the AC are closed and should only be opened and tightly closed by a professional AC installer or maintenance service provider. Hiring a professional servicer ensures that you don’t leave either of the systems improperly fixed after cleaning, a fact that may prompt inefficiency and in worst cases pose a danger to those around it.


However, by hiring a professional cleaner, you are assured that they will also get to identify AC problems that might be cropping up and resolve them before they get out of hand. For instance, every professional air conditioning service provider operating in Sydney and its Eastern Suburbs is obliged to recommend a change of the air filter with every annual clean up exercise. This should be taken as the first test of professionalism for every AC service provider to weed out amateurs masquerading and AC professionals.


You should also note that cleaning doesn’t just end with the cleaning of the condenser and the evaporator. The servicer should also test for leaks and blockages within the central air flow system using the leak detector. Blockages should be thoroughly cleared and leakages sealed to ensure the heating and cooling system don’t illegally release their gases to the atmosphere resulting in unbalanced temperatures.


Bottom line

Air conditioning service should be conducted annually by adequately qualified professionals with a broad industry experience in the cleaning service. These not only ensure the cleanliness of the central system but also check for perceived underlying problems like filter failures as well as airflow leakages and blockages. By calling in help from these professionals, you end up saving up on maintenance and future repairs.


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3 useful marketing tips for home improvement companies

The home improvement industry is enjoying some good time now. But due to intense competition, home improvement companies find it hard to get new clients. Without an effective marketing strategy, in is impossible to get new clients. Here are some useful marketing tips for these companies.

Spend money on the marketing campaign

You should allocate a good budget for the marketing campaign. You need to spend your time and money to come up with a good marketing strategy for your business. You should monitor your marketing results over time to see if the strategies are working or not.

Provide training to your team

A strong sales team is needed to encourage customers to work with you. The sales team must know what type of customers to look for. They should have sound knowledge about the business and should be able to talk about the various benefits that the business can provide. Finally, they must convince the customers to hire them for their home improvement service. All these need proper training. So, you have to invest in training your sales team.

Never forget to follow up

After you have got new leads, your job doesn’t end. You should make sure that the leads convert. If you don’t follow-up, there won’t be any conversion. According to a study, about 80% of opportunities are lost due to lack of following up. You should be persistent about following your lead.

Simply by following these tips, you will be able to get more sales. Investing in the right places is important. Your marketing strategy should focus on getting leads and converting them into actual customers. You should look at the market trend before deciding on your marketing strategy.

How To Select The Perfect Central Air Conditioning System

The main aim of putting in a central air installation is to keep things within a room or building cool and to also dehumidify the air. On the subject of selecting your central air conditioning unit, you will need to pick either a split system or one that is within a cabinet. It is also a good option to look at a number of different choices prior to choosing a certain central air conditioning unit.

Permanent Versions

You can consider long lasting ones and even small versions that are very easy to install. It is not as hard as putting in a large unit that would need professional installation. Of course, being without a central air conditioning unit will leave you feeling unhappy during the hot season and thus, putting in a small sized unit is more effective to have none at all.

The reason behind numerous units being installed is that these models assist in maintaining best temperatures through utilisation of great dehumidifiers and filter systems. What is more, these systems will also prove to be very useful for persons which suffer from allergies or who are asthmatic.

It is even possible to put in a central air conditioning unit in an already constructed house. To set up the best possible unit, you require keeping a few things in mind like taking into account the size of your house.

Fortunately, central air conditioning units are available in various sizes though at the same time you will also have to make sure that the proper humidification that you select is not too large in a size. Therefore, it will pay to get a professional contractor to calculate the right size for your central air conditioning unit and they can do it by employing a technique called “Manual J.”

It is also good to look out for what Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio rating is, that should not be less than 7 or 8, although 13 is a good ratio. To reduce electricity prices, you will have to choose a unit which includes “Scroll technology” compressor and to also consider the “Energy Star” which shows the estimated usage of electrical power of a central air conditioning unit.

It is actually also possible to cut central air conditioning prices by being smart about the way that you buy and use these units. In reality, purchasing a central air conditioning unit that has high SEER rating can help you significantly in reducing how much you pay to remain cool in the hot season, and by also maintaining your central air conditioning unit properly, you can get lower costs significantly.

In conclusion, for individuals who are curious about putting in a central air conditioning system or who may be along the way of replacing a current one, it will be important to make sure that contractors that are going to set up their units have done the best data in regard to ideal cooling load so that it is possible to buy and set up only the perfect and appropriate kind of unit. Selecting an oversized system is often a good option and is more suitable to select a system which is of low capacity. If you are need assistance or advice try the professionals at

How do we take care of our air conditioning units?

            Yes, we cannot deny that the air conditioning system is one of the most useful things ever invented – an equipment which makes our home or workplace cooler. In these present times where climate change has dramatically increased the temperature, we have found our comfort in this wonderful device called the air conditioning unit. Safe to say the ACU is a necessity: it makes our house a welcoming place to stay, and a cool workplace makes for more productive and happier workers.

            As much as we love our air conditioning units, it is also imperative that we know how to take care of it. The key to a long and productive relationship with your AC Unit is to provide it with TLC (tender loving care). Doing this would not only increase the life span of the Air Con Unit but would also enable it to perform optimally. What’s more, a clean and well-maintained air conditioning unit greatly decreases energy consumption.

            So, how do we take care of our air conditioning unit? We have two options: the do-it-yourself cleaning, or having it taken cared of by a split system air conditioners Sydney maintenance agency.

            In the first option, basically, our purpose is to clean the outer area of the ACU. Cleaning the filter, fins and coils is required for effective and efficient functioning of the unit. Dirty filters hinder the normal flow of cool air and hinder the ACU’s efficiency. Filters are either reusable or replaceable, depending on the unit you have.

            The same is true with the air conditioner coils and fins. Months and years of usage will lead to collection of dirt and debris. Regular cleaning in these areas will allow your unit to work at its best.

Replacement of parts such as blower motors on condenser, fuses, capacitors, cleaning of evaporator or condenser coils is helpful in keeping your ACU in tip-top shape. Of course, if you are not really sure how to go about the process, you can always consult the owner’s manual that comes with the unit. It is always helpful to read the “how-to’s”.

Depreciation is always associated with any type of equipment, however great care is taken to ensure its efficiency. While we cannot stop it, proper maintenance and care will speed its effects.

            The next option is hiring a professional to do the work for you.    Having your unit serviced by a reputable maintenance agency or company is a wise decision, especially if you do not know a thing or two about your ACU. This will make sure that your unit gets the best possible care without the worries.

            A service technician may do the basic cleaning and regular maintenance, and much more, if the need arises. A technician will be able to fix the problems in your ACU, such as inaccuracy of the thermostat, refrigerant leaks and other leaks in the seal duct. They will check that there is a correct amount of refrigerant, belts are properly oiled and electric terminals are properly cleaned and tightened. You never thought those things were necessary, right?

            Giving our air conditioning unit the proper care it deserves will surely go a long way, and you will surely get your reward from your well cared-for equipment.

5 tips for lead generation for home improvement companies

The website of a home improvement company must communicate well about what services they provide. It must tell the visitor how they will solve a particular problem and the action they should take to engage with the company. The goal of a website is to fulfill the reason a visitor visits your site. That way you will generate leads. Here are five tips for lead generation.

Visitor profiling

You should have a website that has defined visitor persona funnels. Many businesses can find three or more types of customers who are likely to hire them. Your home page should be targeted to these three types of customers. This will let these customers feel that they have come to the right place.

Give them information

Not all visitors get to your site via the home page. If you do good SEO on your site, then many visitors may land on an inside page. Whichever page they land on you should give them good content so that they find it useful.

Fill visitors with information

You should include free information such as ‘how to’ or ‘do it yourself’ tips. You should give visitors information to satisfy their needs. By giving these ideas, you can position yourself as thought leaders in the visitor’s mind.

Give them value

You can give the visitors a 10 step guide to selecting the right home improvement contractor, for example. By doing so, you can ask them to write down their email address. So, now you have a new prospective client in your email database. You should put the document in ‘open view’ mode. You should use it as bait. Ask them to complete certain action to be able to read the entire document.

Nurture them

Using the email address of the customer you should continue to provide valuable information to the prospective customers. You should develop a trusting relationship with the audience. This will help in the buying process.

These are essential steps in lead generation. The leads you generated must convert into actual customers. These lead generation tips will help you to get more leads for your business.

Great Indoor Heating Air Quality Statistics

statisticsYou might be surprised at how well an indoor heating system can work in your home. Here are a few key statistics for you to take a closer look at. These are great points that prove that it is important for you to get the air in your home to stay healthy and comfortable.

Indoor Air Can Be More Polluted

The air inside your home, according to the EPA, can be about two to five times more polluted than the air outside. This is due to things like smoke from an oven, particles that come into a home from outside that can stick around and so forth. These particles can be dangerous and can cause the air in your home to become harmful. Some allergies may be triggered as well.

What makes this even more concerning is that you will spend a majority of your day breathing in the indoor air that can be dirty and harmful. About 90 percent of your day is spent indoors whether it’s through your home or through other places. You will be more likely to breathe in harmful materials that might be dangerous.

With this in mind, a good indoor air heater can be useful for when you need comfortable air. A heater can work with a good filtration system to ensure that clean air is added into your home with ease.

How Much Air Do You Take In?

You will take in about 15,000 quarts of air each day. This is dramatically more than the total amount of water you might consume. The number of quarts you’ll consume each day can be dangerous depending on the types of materials that are in your home. As a result, a good indoor air heater that can protect you from harmful particles will be important to consider.

Ventilation Is a Big Issue

According to Envirolex, about half of all air quality issues in a home come from the vents in homes not being as strong as they should be. Poor ventilation can make it difficult for indoor heating systems to be effective. While it is true that inside pollutants can be harmful, the vents must be clear and aligned properly so warm air can move around properly. This is also to keep harmful particles from getting into your home from an attic or other space where vents are often found in.

This is also important with regards to energy. A system with poorly managed vents will take longer to get air to go around, thus forcing you to spend more on energy than needed.

These are critical statistics that make working with a good heating system all the more important. Make sure you get in touch with someone who can help you out with fixing up your heating system in the event that it is not running as well as it should.

Tips To Use When choosing between a Ducted heating system, Split system or Log Fire Heater

A great heater can come in many forms but it’s a necessity to think about what  type you will choose. You can find a good ducted, split or log fire heater depending on the option selected. You must use a few tips first when figuring out which option is the right one for you to stick with when getting a great heater to work for you.

Look At How Much Space You Have

You have to look into the amount of space that you need to get heated up. It might be easier for you to heat up a smaller amount of space a log fire or split heater. Meanwhile, a ducted heater can work with more spaces in your home. This should make it easier for you to heat up a larger space if used properly.

What About the Heating Source?

The source that you’re using in your home should be checked carefully. A ducted heater will be placed at the bottom part of your home while a split heater may be added on the level that you’re trying to get heat out to.

A log fire heater is clearly different in that you will be using a heating source that is much more intense. That is, it will go into a single room instead of all around the home. You should think about the place that you’re going to put your heating source in so you’ll have an easier time with getting your heater to work as needed.

How Will You Control It?

The controller for your heater should be reviewed based on many factors. You should look to see how many different heating zones you’re going to use, for instance. A central ducted heater has multi zone capacity will be perfect for your use if you need to get several zones at a time. A ducted option is good if you want to get heat out to more rooms at a time. The options that you have to work with will certainly do more for your home when chosen the right way.

How Intense Can the Heat Be?

The heat could be rather intense depending on what you’ve got going in your home. A log heater will clearly generate more intense amounts of heat when used properly. This is especially the case when you have more wood going at a given time. You should look at how strong the heat can be out of a system while comparing how much heat you will need to get in your home before sticking with a single option.

Be careful when finding a great heater for your home, it is also important to consider the repair costs of heating systems. The options that are out there will certainly be perfect for your home but you need to look carefully when finding an option that can fit in well for your home. Each home has its own ideal option that deserves to be used so make sure you check carefully when finding an option that fits in right within your home.