5 Common Electrical Issues in Commercial Buildings

Due to the complexity of the wiring systems, industrial and commercial buildings tend to face many electrical problems. Thus, it is important to examine and maintain the whole system on a regular basis to ensure safety at all times.

Poor maintenance can increase the risks of electrical damages in your facilities and also result in raising utility bills each month. But with frequent inspections and checks, everybody won’t need to worry about any accident coming from the system. However, electrical issues can happen at some point due to many unexpected causes. In these cases, it is necessary to fix the errors quickly and securely. Here are top 5 common problems that often occur in most commercial or industrial buildings.

1. Power loss

No matter if you are working in an office or an industrial plant, an unexpected blackout or power loss can be a serious problem. It is impossible to keep normal operation and complete the daily objectives without electrical supply.

In most cases, you can simply flick the fuse switch to resolve the issue. If it doesn’t work, then it is advisable to call an experienced professional to diagnose and repair the system.

2. Dimming and flickering fixtures

There are many reasons why lights in an industrial and commercial building get dimming or flickering. Among these, a poor wiring connection might be the most common cause. It is necessary to solve this problem as soon as you notice to avoid further damage that might require a full electrical repair. An electrician can easily diagnose and fix the issue at a reasonable rate.

If your lights get discoloured, you should also replace them immediately with the new ones. Similarly, a loose connection needs to be fixed early to avoid electrical failure.

3. Issues with industrial machines

In most industrial plants and warehouses, there are many heavy-duty appliances and machines which require a lot of power to operate. As a result, they increase the risks of electrical problems and possible fire hazards, which might cause broken circuits and power failure.

In these cases, the first thing you need to do is shutting down all electrical equipment and appliances connected to the grid. After that, call an experienced electrician to help you find out the cause and suggest the right solutions to back up and fix the issues.

4. Heated switches and fixtures

If your switches or fixtures often get heated, it is better to examine these units and make sure that they don’t lead to an electrical failure. Besides, if sparks occur when you plug in a machine or appliance, the might result in burning or melting wires. The best way to deal with this situation is to have the system fixed by a professional electrical service without disruption.

5. Tripping breakers

There are many reasons why the breakers in your commercial or industrial building get tripped. These include a short circuit, ground fault or overloaded circuits. If you don’t fix these problems immediately and leave them for a long time, they might increase the risk of fire hazards. Thus, make sure to shut off the electrical system and have an electrician examine the part.