6 Electrical Tasks You Can Do Yourself at Home

Electrical tasks in the house seem to be scary and dangerous when we have never performed them before. But this is actually not true. Below are 6 common electrical repair and replacement projects that you can take on your own without any experience.

  1. Setting up a new light switch

This is probably one of the most common electrical repair and replacement tasks because light switches are used frequently in any household. Luckily, this is a quite easy thing to do.

light switch wiring

After turning off the power, all that you need to do is using a screwdriver and pliers to replace the broken light switch with a new one. Make sure that you choose the right type of light switch wiring to avoid any problem in the future.

  1. Installing an outlet

Just like replacing a light switch, outlet installation is also a simple task. In fact, you just need to follow the same steps without being worried about choosing the right kind of outlet.

An important thing to remember is not to replace an old grounded outlet with a new ungrounded outlet. Due to its complexity, you need to hire a professional electrician.

  1. Replacing the light fixtures

In general, a light fixture is often designed with different sizes and shapes, but the attached method and wiring are quite consistent. Therefore, you can apply a procedure for nearly all light fixtures.

As usual, you should always start with turning off the breaker to ensure the safety. Next, remove the light bulb, screws, and electrical box in order and replace with the new light fixture.

  1. Rewiring a cracked lamp

Whether you’ve just found an old table lamp and want to redecorate it or your favorite one has a corroded socket or frayed cord, wiring a cracked lamp is probably one of the easiest electrical repair tasks in the household. In fact, this project does not take much time and is much more affordable compared to purchasing a new one.

The whole process is all about reversing the lamp. So what you need to do is using a screwdriver and do the wiring as other common electrical tasks mentioned above.

  1. Replacing an extension cord

In addition to light switches, extension cords also face a lot of pressure, particularly at the end of the plug when prong get broken or bent. Luckily, extension cord plug replacement is a cheap, simple, and quick task rather than purchasing the whole unit.

electrical fittings

First, use a utility knife to cut the old one and then replace with the new plug. Make sure to attach 3 wires to the correct area for a proper operation.

  1. Mapping the breaker panel

One of the most helpful electrical tasks you can perform is to map the breaker panel. Understanding what all breakers regulate might make everything much simpler for electrical repair.

First, you need to take a photo of the current label in case you might want to refer to something. Then, number each label, along with the actual features in the household. By doing this, you can manage the whole system effectively and prevent any possible problems occurring in your house.