How Frequently Should You Service Your Air Conditioner And How Do You Service It?

When is the last time you serviced your home or business air conditioning system? Don’t be like most people that will always wait until it breaks down or malfunctions to call in the relatively expensive emergency repair service, probably during the winter or hot summer seasons. Did you know that most of these repair and part replacement costs can be easily avoided through proper servicing and regular maintenance? The big question, however, lies on how frequently should you have the AC serviced and how do you go about the process?

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Servicing frequency

Expert air conditioning service providers in Sydney advise that every air conditioner should be thoroughly cleaned and serviced at least once annually. They also suggest that such cleaning should take place irrespective of the state of the system. You live in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs or equally dusty neighborhoods; you will notice a buildup of dirt particles in the condenser as it is usually fixed in open places outside the home. High levels of such accumulation often lower its efficiency. The sad fact is that these are problems that can go undetected by regular repair experts.

Benefits of keeping the AC clean

Keeping your AC clean not provides you with cost benefits but also lowers your energy consumption but also optimizes temperatures around the house. Additionally, frequently cleaned air conditioners in Sydney are said to have minimal maintenance costs as they rarely break down.

How to service an AC in Sydney’s eastern suburbs

In most cases, the air conditioning service involves cleaning the primary components of the air conditioner that primarily include the condenser and the evaporator. These two parts of the AC are closed and should only be opened and tightly closed by a professional AC installer or maintenance service provider. Hiring a professional service ensures that you don’t leave either of the systems improperly fixed after cleaning, a fact that may prompt inefficiency and in worst cases pose a danger to those around it.

However, by hiring a professional cleaner, you are assured that they will also get to identify AC problems that might be cropping up and resolve them before they get out of hand. For instance, every professional air conditioning service provider operating in Sydney and its Eastern Suburbs is obliged to recommend a change of the air filter with every annual clean up exercise. This should be taken as the first test of professionalism for every AC service provider to weed out amateurs masquerading and AC professionals.

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You should also note that cleaning doesn’t just end with the cleaning of the condenser and the evaporator. The service should also test for leaks and blockages within the central air flow system using the leak detector. Blockages should be thoroughly cleared and leakages sealed to ensure the heating and cooling system don’t illegally release their gases to the atmosphere resulting in unbalanced temperatures.

Bottom line

Air conditioning service should be conducted annually by adequately qualified professionals with a broad industry experience in the cleaning service. These not only ensure the cleanliness of the central system but also check for perceived underlying problems like filter failures as well as airflow leakages and blockages. By calling in help from these professionals, you end up saving up on maintenance and future repairs.