How Often Do You Service Your Ducted Heating System at Home

Many people do not realize that regularly servicing their ducted heating system could save them from many dangers. When failing to service your ducted heating system regularly, you are exposing your family to various potential health problems. If it gets serious, you even risk them to death. This is because of the potential leak of Carbon Monoxide that spread its toxic all over your house, which could be very fatal for your family.

What is a ducted heating system?

A ducted heating system refers to an installation of a system that helps you manage the temperature in your room. Each system is constructed by the following components:

  • One unit of central heating system
  • A set of ducts that act as the air carrier from and to the central system
  • A set of vents that would flow the air throughout the rooms
  • One unit of thermostat

All those components are what make a ducted heating system. This system is ideal for winter since it helps you keep your home warm and cozy throughout the season.

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Potential issues that you may encounter

There are still many people who do not think that regular maintenance for their ducted heating system is not that important that they may neglect to do it for quite a while. Little did they know that during that time, dust and debris may cover up the ducts and create a leak in the system. The longer they neglect cleaning them, the thicker these dust and debris would become.

If a leak finally occurs, then it is too late for you and your family. This situation may bring several health consequences to your family. Some of them include the following:

  • Allergic reactions like skin irritations and wheezing. This is mainly caused by the dust particles that cover the ducts of your heating system.
  • Issues with your respiratory system, like asthma and air pollution. This is caused by the dirty ducts that result in unhealthy air coming out of the ducts.
  • Death. This is the most fatal consequence of failing to regularly maintain your ducted heating system. This is caused by the leak of Carbon Monoxide which is toxic enough to put you to your end.

The bad news is, the Carbon Monoxide is odourless that you can never tell if there is a leak or not. That being said, the safest measure that you could take is to do regular maintenance on your ducted heating service based on a fixed schedule.

How to get proper ducted heating service?

Now that you have learned about the dangers of neglecting your responsibility to regularly maintain the ducted heating system at your home, it is time to start browsing for proper ducted heating service providers. Each provider may have their own service packages and rates for regular maintenance, so you may want to do a thorough comparison between them before hiring any.

If you want to consider installing a ducted heating system at your home, make sure that the team you contact are well-experienced and skilled because it is a matter of life and death you are dealing with. You also need to make sure that they are available for regular maintenance so you could discuss the fixed schedule for it.