Split System Air Conditioner: The Most efficient Cooling Machine

If you are an individual who lives in a relatively hotter region, you probably know how air conditioning is an essential commodity. Air conditioners are intended to regulate both the humidity and the temperatures of a house, giving you the desired comfort.Thanks to the technological advancements, we now have a wide variety of heating and cooling devices to choose from. A special type of AC, known as the split system is currently the most preferred heating and cooling device. In fact, it is a decent alternative to the centralized, wall or window cooling units. However, it is imperative to note that it is perfect for cooling a standard-sized house. It is easy to install and with minimal installation costs.

A split system HVAC consists of two main components that look very similar, namely the compressor and the evaporator. However, these elements are located at different locations, with one being outside the house while the other one being indoors. The component installed inside your house contains the fan as well as the evaporator. On the other hand, the outside element houses the compressor and is charged with the duty of the entire cooling process. These two functional parts are connected with a series of tubing as well as electrical cables that transfer the air between them.

Regarding how a split system air conditioner works, there is a thermostat that regulates the compressor. After detecting the relatively warmer air, the thermostat then activates the outdoor component that houses the compressor. The compressor, in turn, releases a refrigerant gas thus raising both the pressure and the temperature of the coolant. This is achieved through the compression of the refrigerant as it passes through a series of tubes. After this, the refrigerant is transferred to the condenser for additional processing. There is a cooling unit inside the condenser that eliminates heat from the high-pressure gas. This ensures that the gas is changed into a liquid. The liquid is then passed through your indoor tubing ensuring that it reaches the evaporator unit. Inside your house, there is an evaporator fan which gathers warm air, moving it to the chamber which contains the liquid refrigerant. By blowing this cooled air back into your room, the overall temperature of the house will drop drastically.

split system air conditioning

What to look for when purchasing a split system air conditioner.

Just like any other home appliance, there are key factors that you should take into consideration before investing in a split system air conditioner.

1. Tubing: It is critical to note that in addition to purchasing a split system air conditioner, you’ll be needed to invest in the tubing. Typically, it will be used to link the outdoor and the indoor components of your cooling and heating device. In this regard, the length of tubing you’ll need entirely depends on how far these two parts are apart from each other.

How many rooms do you want to cool? If you only intend to cool a single room, then it would be unnecessary buying a system that will work for your entire structure. Again, a single zone device may not be adequate to cool the multiple rooms in your house. Depending on your current needs, and with the help of an experienced air conditioning repair perth technician, you’ll always find a unit that suits your demands.

2. The cooling speed: Your split system air conditioner must have an adjustable temperature control with at least two cooling speeds. Again, an energy efficient functionality will be an important aspect since it will allow you to minimize your energy costs while still offering excellent cooling.

3. Dual function: Currently, air conditioners are not just about cooling. We now have multi-purpose HVAC products which you can equally use during cold periods for heating purpose. If you didn’t know, experts agree that Cold and Hot air conditioners can potentially save you up to thirty-five percent energy than the other heating devices.

4. Other factors: Some air conditioners come equipped with the so-called dehumidification functionality which decreases the amount of humidity in the air thus increasing the efficiency of the cooling process. Again, it would be an excellent idea to check the noise levels of your device, which often ranges between nine to sixty decibels. Finally, your unit should be equipped with an auto restart controller to help restore its final setting after power break incidences.

With time or may be as a result of poor maintenance practices, your split air conditioner will eventually start to cause you problems. Issues such as reduced cooling capacity, insufficient cooling, damaged compressor, motor problems will then become quite common. When seeking for air conditioning repair services, you should only work with the most experienced and licensed HVAC technicians. When handled inappropriately, more problems could develop, rendering your useful component worthless.

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