Things To Consider While Servicing Air conditioning At Home

Air conditioning is cooling a room filled with hot air and moisture to keep its occupants comfortable. The hot air is replaced with a cool breeze. Air conditioners are more useful during summer and spring when the air is hot. They should always be serviced for their efficiency at all times

Air conditioning service includes maintenance, repair, replacement, and installation. One can service the air conditioners by themselves at home to avoid incurring the costs of paying an expert. There are several steps needed to be adhered to when doing air conditioning service at home.

  1. You should first switch off the air conditioning main switch to avoid being electrocuted while servicing. Locate the capacitor. The capacitors cause the conditioners to break down.
  2. If the condenser fan is dusty, you should clean it. Cleaning should be thorough and a brush is used. When repairing a condenser, start by removing the cover grill then the set screw which holds the fan into its position. The fan is removed in order to reach the oil parts. Caution: do not just use any oil to lubricate the fan. Use oil recommended by manufacturers.
  3. The condenser fins and coils should be cleaned. A hosepipe is used in cleaning coils for the big air conditioners. The coil guard is removed to spray the inside unit. The removal of the coil guard prevents water accumulation inside the fins. The fins should be straightened to maximize airflow. Minimised air flow lower the air conditioning efficiency. One can buy fin straightening tools to straighten the fins but if they are not available, use a butter knife. The fins should not be damaged.
  4. You can recycle the refrigerant but while at it be cautious that no harmful gases escape into the atmosphere.
  5. Out of control air conditioner filters are replaced and the dirty ones cleaned. This should be done to avoid the accumulation of bacteria and fungi on the filters that can be inhaled. After purchasing a new filter you can cut it with a piece of scissors or a knife, rinse with clean water and dry it completely and then slip it where the old one was. When cleaning dirty filters the case that encompasses air filter should be removed. After removing the case the filter is removed. Cleaning is done using a piece of cloth, soap, and water. The filters should dry completely. The cleaning procedure should be repeated after every two weeks to prevent airborne diseases caused by bacteria or fungi.
  6. The ducts are serviced by cleaning them using a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner removes dust particles and debris from the ducts.
  7. Regular check-up should be carried out on thermostat, fuses, and breakers to ensure they are in place. The check-up is for optimal performance.
  8. Cover the top of the air conditioner using a plastic to avoid particles falling into it. It should not be covered completely to avoid sweating of the unit. The sweating will cause its corrosion. The cover should be removed when the unit is operating to also avoid sweating and corrosion.