5 Tips For Lowering Residential Air Conditioning Costs

During the summer when the temperatures rise, most people crank up their air cons. Increased air con use comes with cost implications, which many of us would love to figure out a way around. Here are six tips to keep your residential air conditioning costs low.

  1. Get an Energy Efficient Residential Air Conditioning System

air conditioning serviceAs they say ‘prevention is better than cure,’ and if you are in a position to first and foremost get an energy efficient residential air conditioning system.

Central air con systems tend to be more cost effective compared to through-the-wall or window units. They also tend to be quieter, convenient and don’t get in the way with their placement.

  1. Shade Placement

  The placement of your air con system plays a role when it comes to keeping costs down. The best placement should be within a shaded space.

When in contact with sunlight, most residential air conditioning systems will first work to cool off internally before cooling the surrounding air. When the air con first has to cool itself up, it uses more energy and resulting in higher energy costs.

Therefore, placing an air con system in a shaded space means that the air con system will be able to cool much faster compared to if it’s put in contact with sunlight.

  1. Keep Heat Away from the Thermostat

Still, about placement, you should ideally place your air con’s thermostat away from appliances that produce heat.

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When the thermostat senses heat, it will run longer, and you know what this means. You want to keep it running for as long as necessary and therefore keeping it away from the sun, TV sets and lamps will help tremendously.

  1. A Little Heat Never Hurt

In as much as you want to maintain a cold environment indoors, especially during those hot summer months, surviving through a little heat will keep your costs down.

Most residential air conditioning systems will consume a lot of energy when the temperature is dialed down to below 78. Estimated have it that dialing your air con down to temperatures below 78 increases power consumption up to 8%.

Say your monthly energy bill is $100, if you can keep the temperature at 78 or above you’ll be able to cut about $8 or more off your bill.

Also, when completely not necessary, you can live without switching on the air con.

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  1. Clean the Air Con’s System

Among the leading cause of high residential air conditioning cost is clogged filters. The air con’s filters should be cleaned out at least once monthly particularly in the summer months when it is in high use.

The air con’s filters tend to get clogged up with dust and other allergens with increased use. Clogged filters make the unit work harder to supply cold air, and the result is more energy consumption.

Cleaning and replacing air filters when needed can help reduce energy costs.

By implementing one or a combination of these suggested tips, you are sure to keep your residential air conditioning costs low. Remember that maintenance goes a long way in keeping your air con system functioning in tip top condition as expected.