Why You Need to Take Care of your Heating System Filter

It is one of those hot summer days. Naturally, you turn to your heating system. Unfortunately, it won’t start up, or it starts up and isn’t working as it should. Most problems with HVAC units can be traced back to the heating system filter.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to take care of your heating system filter.

What is the Role of the Heating System Filter?

The heating system filter keeps your heating system clean. If it weren’t there, every part of the air conditioning system would be filled up with dust and other buildups, which would then be emitted around your home/business premises.

In essence, the filter’s primary role is to keep your HVAC system running optimally.

The filter itself needs regular cleaning or replacement if required so that it functions as expected. Given that its primary purpose is to keep your heating system clean the filter is most susceptible to dust build up.

What Happens If You Don’t Maintain Your Heating System Filter?

If you do not stick to regular maintenance of your heating system filter, the result will be the inefficient performance of your HVAC system.

When the filter is dirty, it will cause the HVAC unit to use up more energy because it has to work harder to provide the heating required. It can also lead to the breakdown of other parts of the heating system.

Some of the other consequences of not maintaining your heating system as required include:

  •      Burning smells
  •      Smoke or dust emission
  •      Longer time to warm up your home/office
  •      Higher costs of energy
  •      Reduced equipment life
  •      Increased repair costs

As you can see, several things can go wrong if your heating system filter is not maintained as required.

Proper Heating System Filter Maintenance

First things first, regular cleaning of your heating system filter will help to keep it working optimally. If you are not too sure how to go about it, get an HVAC professional to service your filter as well as your heating system as a whole.

A heating system filter should be replaced every 1 to 3 months, depending on the particular model and your general usage.

It is equally important to be able to take note of signs that your filter needs cleaning or replacement. For instance, if you turn on your heater and you smell dust, or some dust is emitted from the unit then you should instantly clean your filters. Another tell sign would be dust build up in the air ducts or outer casing of your heating system.

Increased energy costs could be an indication of clogged up filters as well. The most serious signs include burning smells, smoke coming out of your HVAC unit or even fires erupting from your HVAC system.

As you can see, it is critical to take care of your heating system filter. The HVAC filter plays a crucial role in ensuring that your heating system functions as required. Schedule regular maintenance of your heating system filter and replacement as needed.