Things To Consider While Servicing Air conditioning At Home

Air conditioning is cooling a room filled with hot air and moisture to keep its occupants comfortable. The hot air is replaced with a cool breeze. Air conditioners are more useful during summer and spring when the air is hot. They should always be serviced for their efficiency at all times

Air conditioning service includes maintenance, repair, replacement, and installation. One can service the air conditioners by themselves at home to avoid incurring the costs of paying an expert. There are several steps needed to be adhered to when doing air conditioning service at home.

  1. You should first switch off the air conditioning main switch to avoid being electrocuted while servicing. Locate the capacitor. The capacitors cause the conditioners to break down.
  2. If the condenser fan is dusty, you should clean it. Cleaning should be thorough and a brush is used. When repairing a condenser, start by removing the cover grill then the set screw which holds the fan into its position. The fan is removed in order to reach the oil parts. Caution: do not just use any oil to lubricate the fan. Use oil recommended by manufacturers.
  3. The condenser fins and coils should be cleaned. A hosepipe is used in cleaning coils for the big air conditioners. The coil guard is removed to spray the inside unit. The removal of the coil guard prevents water accumulation inside the fins. The fins should be straightened to maximize airflow. Minimised air flow lower the air conditioning efficiency. One can buy fin straightening tools to straighten the fins but if they are not available, use a butter knife. The fins should not be damaged.
  4. You can recycle the refrigerant but while at it be cautious that no harmful gases escape into the atmosphere.
  5. Out of control air conditioner filters are replaced and the dirty ones cleaned. This should be done to avoid the accumulation of bacteria and fungi on the filters that can be inhaled. After purchasing a new filter you can cut it with a piece of scissors or a knife, rinse with clean water and dry it completely and then slip it where the old one was. When cleaning dirty filters the case that encompasses air filter should be removed. After removing the case the filter is removed. Cleaning is done using a piece of cloth, soap, and water. The filters should dry completely. The cleaning procedure should be repeated after every two weeks to prevent airborne diseases caused by bacteria or fungi.
  6. The ducts are serviced by cleaning them using a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner removes dust particles and debris from the ducts.
  7. Regular check-up should be carried out on thermostat, fuses, and breakers to ensure they are in place. The check-up is for optimal performance.
  8. Cover the top of the air conditioner using a plastic to avoid particles falling into it. It should not be covered completely to avoid sweating of the unit. The sweating will cause its corrosion. The cover should be removed when the unit is operating to also avoid sweating and corrosion.


Benefits of Air Conditioning Service

With technology, everything is possible, for instance, when the weather around our homes or living rooms is not conducive, we can make it conducive. One of the ways of achieving this is by use of air conditioning service. Air conditioning simply refers to a process of removing moisture and heat from a space to particularly improve the occupants’ comfort. These services can be used for both commercial and domestic spaces. There are a variety of air conditioning schemes in the market. Split air conditioning method, for instance, can be used for individual or dual rooms while the window air acclimatizing system is specifically designed for freshening one room. On the other hand, several rooms can be cooled using packaged air conditioning system. This system can also cool a big office space or large homes. Finally, central air systems are designed for cooling large buildings, houses, hotels, factories, and offices.

It should be noted that air conditioners should be cleaned and serviced regularly just like any other home equipment. If they are not cleaned regularly, they will allow growth of mold as well as other micro-organisms. These micro-organisms might cause a variety of health complications, among them, asthma, general irritation, and allergies. Therefore this calls for a planned maintenance that is preventive to help the conditioning unit from dirt.

Air conditioning has several benefits, for instance, they provide comfort at work and home environments in all the seasons. These systems meant for air conditioning have the two functions for cooling and heating. Technology has led to the rise of such systems that are auto changeover according to the temperature settings. Air conditioning service also works as air purifier since most of them have a filter for fungus. This capability gives such systems the ability to catch mites that cause allergies, particles of smoke, and odorous air. Other benefits of air conditioner service include cool temperatures for machines since they will not overheat, easy and comfortable sleep and protection of furniture from humidity.

Sometimes the heat outside becomes very high, and this results in the increase in the temperature in the homes. This, most of the times, has resulted in leaving windows and doors open. This, in turn, compromises the security of the people and items in the house. Therefore, air conditioning service helps in improving security since no leaving doors or windows open will be required. This not only increases security but also reduces the entrance of insects which become a nuisance. Furthermore, it reduces the outside noise pollution.

To achieve the highest results from an air conditioning service, one has to follow the following directives. Frequently check for the filters that help in cleaning the air, make sure there’s proper flow of air, this can be achieved by trimming hedges, trees, weeds and grass around the homes. Furthermore, just like any other service, hire specialists to do maintenance on the air conditioning equipment regularly.

Apart from an increase of the efficiency of human workforce in the workplace, air conditioning services lead to better health due to the circulation of the needed filtered clean air, reduces the noise in homes and workplaces, it makes the comfort in a certain place controllable, among others. Therefore, we cannot demean the endless benefits and advantages of using air conditioning services in workplaces, homes, factories and other places.


Does Air conditioning Cause Any Health Problems

You woke up this morning and the temperature is reading 37.8◦C, yes it’s a heat wave, its like you and Mr. Sun had a misunderstanding the other day and now he’s coming against you in all his scorching glory, but you’re not bothered, you have one trick up your sleeve that Mr. Sun didn’t anticipate; Air Conditioning.


An air conditioning system is a system that has one primary purpose; it takes warm or hot air from the atmosphere in a specified area and replaces it with cooler and more humid air. Really an Air conditioning system has one main purpose to reduce unfavorable temperatures. Generally, our bodies are most comfortable when the air inside our homes is within a degree or two of a steady 24◦C during the hot summer months. Air conditioning which was at some point available to a select few (The affluent), has now become a ubiquitous commodity everyone owns to deal with the occasional heat waves that occur every now and then. To some air conditioning is more than just an appliance, it has really become a part of our everyday lives, we use it in our cars, in the office, at home and really anywhere we have one whether there’s a need to do so or not.


Air conditioning has various real-life applications. Air conditioners do not just cool air, they help to control temperatures. A complete system which comprises of a heater system, an air conditioning system, and a ventilation system is usually referred to as HVAC. An HVAC helps in complete temperature regulations of specified systems, whether by making them cooler in adversely hot climate (Common in summertime) or making them hotter in adversely cold climate conditions (Common in winter time).

air conditioning repair

It is, however, important to note that Air conditioning applications are not just for residential and human comfort, there are other industrial processes where cool temperatures are required and therefore Air conditioning is utilized examples are; Nuclear facilities where temperature is

kept at 20◦c until a reaction occurs, Mines where temperature is cooled from 55◦c to a more tolerable 28 C, Processes where extremely high levels of air cleanliness are required for the success of the process, Data processing centers, Cold room ( For meat storage) .e.t.c.


The Health Implications of Air conditioning vary, some people are negatively affected by it while some are not. Not properly doing air conditioning service could lead to serious health issues such as a stiff neck, a runny nose, sore throat e.t.c. Air conditioning has a positive effect on

people suffering from Asthma and other allergies, Air conditioning is also favorable to old people during intense heat waves.

A lot of times people lower their temperature settings well below the acceptable temperature for a healthy and comfortable environment which is 22◦C, this creates uncomfortable spaces that are favorable to thermal shock.

The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) standard for comfortable warmth is 18◦C for normal healthy adults who are well dressed. If you happen to be having respiratory problems , they recommend no less than 16◦C, and the sick and disabled or very old and young, the minimum of 20◦C.

The Well-Cultivated Residential Electrician For Your Home

Skills are a part of everything, whether it is a student practicing calligraphy or your mom cooking delicious food for you. Do you know? Earlier people tried to master every skill that came across them. But, in this world full of weary people where great inventions take place by the way of serendipity, it is really hard to find people owning diverse and unique skills. Also, it is really hard for us to accomplish our dreams because of lack of skillful people. And if we do find one, they tend to leave a big hole in our pockets.

Our organization has served many clients with home improvement services. Our team of professionals has mastered the skill in each of their fields. The services of our residential electrician are offered on time regardless of any situation in the economy or professional aura. We very well know that contemporary homes and workplaces cannot function without electricity. Also, we know since style and fashion are the essences of everything these days. Therefore, it is very much necessary to offer services that suit the eyes of the spectator. Our organization can very well serve you according to your preferences.

electric repair

Our tradespeople take care of all the necessary points while doing the wiring of your space. Some of them are:

  1. They ensure they make use of good quality materials which are duly stamped with a trademark. The durability of material must be longer and, it must not cause any harm to the people living in the house.
  2. All the wiring and sockets must be chosen according to the design of the house. The residential electrician working does take the preference of the client before they finalize the design of the sockets and switches. They make a detailed study about the size of the wires, transformers, voltage, the current they can carry and much more. This ensures the safety of the family members living in the house.
  3. After accomplishing the whole task, they make sure there are no loose wires; insulators are placed in an appropriate manner and, all the safety measures are fulfilled.
  4. They also take care of the meter of the device takes care of the electricity usage is placed in a proper place. Proper place means away from the reach of children and water lines. Also, they ensure there are fraudulent practices being taken place related to the same.
  5. Last but not the least, the work under the jurisdiction of the state. They abide all the rules and regulations as provided by the electricity department of the state. They conclude their tasks ethically.

Work of a residential electrician is not a task akin to eating. It is an absolute knowledge-driven and methodical task. Our organization hires and trains determined and workaholic employees. Also, proper licenses are issued to each of them that ensure they are capable enough to manage all the electricity work. Therefore, our organization promises you a well-maintained electrical design of your home and that too at reasonable price. Stop wasting your time with all the people having faith on flukes and, avail our best home improvement services now.


6 Electrical Tasks You Can Do Yourself at Home

Electrical tasks in the house seem to be scary and dangerous when we have never performed them before. But this is actually not true. Below are 6 common electrical repair and replacement projects that you can take on your own without any experience.

  1. Setting up a new light switch

This is probably one of the most common electrical repair and replacement tasks because light switches are used frequently in any household. Luckily, this is a quite easy thing to do.

light switch wiring

After turning off the power, all that you need to do is using a screwdriver and pliers to replace the broken light switch with a new one. Make sure that you choose the right type of light switch wiring to avoid any problem in the future.

  1. Installing an outlet

Just like replacing a light switch, outlet installation is also a simple task. In fact, you just need to follow the same steps without being worried about choosing the right kind of outlet.

An important thing to remember is not to replace an old grounded outlet with a new ungrounded outlet. Due to its complexity, you need to hire a professional electrician.

  1. Replacing the light fixtures

In general, a light fixture is often designed with different sizes and shapes, but the attached method and wiring are quite consistent. Therefore, you can apply a procedure for nearly all light fixtures.

As usual, you should always start with turning off the breaker to ensure the safety. Next, remove the light bulb, screws, and electrical box in order and replace with the new light fixture.

  1. Rewiring a cracked lamp

Whether you’ve just found an old table lamp and want to redecorate it or your favorite one has a corroded socket or frayed cord, wiring a cracked lamp is probably one of the easiest electrical repair tasks in the household. In fact, this project does not take much time and is much more affordable compared to purchasing a new one.

The whole process is all about reversing the lamp. So what you need to do is using a screwdriver and do the wiring as other common electrical tasks mentioned above.

  1. Replacing an extension cord

In addition to light switches, extension cords also face a lot of pressure, particularly at the end of the plug when prong get broken or bent. Luckily, extension cord plug replacement is a cheap, simple, and quick task rather than purchasing the whole unit.

electrical fittings

First, use a utility knife to cut the old one and then replace with the new plug. Make sure to attach 3 wires to the correct area for a proper operation.

  1. Mapping the breaker panel

One of the most helpful electrical tasks you can perform is to map the breaker panel. Understanding what all breakers regulate might make everything much simpler for electrical repair.

First, you need to take a photo of the current label in case you might want to refer to something. Then, number each label, along with the actual features in the household. By doing this, you can manage the whole system effectively and prevent any possible problems occurring in your house.


Factors One Should Consider Before Purchasing a Ceiling Fan

You would agree with me that ceilings fans are must-have home appliances. A ceiling fan can potentially limit your over-reliance on an air conditioner and furnace. Currently, there are numerous brands and models of ceiling fans out there on the market, a phenomenon that perhaps make the process of finding the best one a daunting task. Studies have proven that a ceiling fan can potentially reduce your room temperature by close to eight degrees, and this implies that you can afford to raise your thermostat and save on HVAC monthly bills incredibly. It is imperative to mention that a ceiling fan does not actually cool your room. However, it only functions to make you feel relatively cooler by causing some slight cold chill on the skin of yours. Even though many homeowners are capable of ceiling fan installation on their own, it is highly advisable that you should always work with a highly qualified electrician during the installation process.

ceiling fan installation

As we previously mentioned, there are possibly endless types of ceiling fans on the market and choosing the best will always prove to be a challenge. So what should you consider when buying a ceiling fan?

There are various factors that one should consider before purchasing a ceiling fan. The size of your house, cost, blade type and blade pitch, motor quality the number of blades among others are some of the factors that you must consider.

  • Motor quality: This is an essential factor to consider. Reliable ceiling fans come equipped with motors featuring lubricated and sealed ball bearings which will need little or no maintenance. More expensive brands boast heavy-duty winding, die-cast casings as well as precision engineering bearings which are not only appealing to the eye but vibrate fairly less as well.
  • Energy Star-rated ceiling fans: If you want to save on your monthly energy bills, then energy Star-rated ceiling fan is a must-have device in your home. Such ceiling fans are known to be up to fifty percent more efficient than their conventional ceiling fan counterparts.
  • Size is critical: The primary goal of any ceiling fan is to circulate lots of air in cubic feet per minute CMF with relatively less effort. It is imperative to note that size is more important than the number of the blades. For instance, a ceiling fan that features between thirty to forty inches in diameter is likely to have a top speed of 300 CFM. However, a ceiling fan with a width of 52-inch will circulate the same number of fresh air at nearly 200 CMF.
  • Warranty: You don’t want to invest your money in a device that will never serve you for many years. Thankfully, most energy Star-rated ceiling fans come covered with a warranty of at least five years. Choose a high-quality ceiling fan which can potentially serve you for a reasonable number of years.
  • Blade quality: For efficient performance, you should only opt for a ceiling fan that has its blades treated with moisture sealant. If you didn’t know, moisture sealant prevents your metal blades from tarnishing and scratching. Equally, it prevents wooden blades from peeling and warping.
  • Control features: The final thing to consider is the method of controlling your ceiling fan. Typically, there are three distinct ways to control a ceiling fan. You may use a handheld remote, use the pull chain method or wall control. Arguably, the best way to regulate and adjust the functionalities of your ceiling fan is through a remote. This is because handheld remotes allow you to manage and operate your fan from anywhere in your room conveniently.

ceiling fan wiring

What are the benefits of installing a ceiling fan?

Ceiling fans allow you to cool your room at low cost.

Ceiling fans usually consume small amounts of energy thus saving you up to $150 in energy costs during their entire lifespan.

Ceiling fans are versatile.

Ceiling fans are incredibly versatile gadgets and can serve you both during the winter and summer. During the hot seasons, you’ll only need to run the blades of your ceiling fans in a clockwise direction to push warm air into your room.

They add beauty to your home.

Ceiling fans usually become part of your room decor. What’s more, they are equally safer for both pets and younger kids.


Do-It-Yourself Electrical Repair Projects

Electricity has become an integral part of our daily life, and it is now hard to imagine a world without it. Electric stoves, televisions, ovens, HVAC systems, security alarm systems and computers among others, all depend on energy to function. However, the over reliance on electricity has come with lots of other problems as well. This implies that as a homeowner, you’ll have to deal with a whole host of electrical repair projects in your home.

residential electrician

It is imperative to note that when it comes to household electrical projects, your safety is paramount. Increased energy bills, flickering lights, tripping circuit breakers, damaged appliances and perhaps frequent power surges are all problems that you’ll have to deal with as a homeowner. Even though Do-It-Yourself electrical repair projects can be beneficial in some instances, it is highly recommended that all projects should only be carried out by an experienced, qualified and insured electrician. If you didn’t know, when not dealt with appropriately, electricity can cause a number of potentially hazardous problems including electrocution, electrical shocks, and even death. To be on the safest side, you should always seek the help of a well-trained electrician to conduct all your electrical-related issues.

So why would you need to seek the help of a well-trained professional?

  • A trained professional knows critical things you probably don’t: Electricity is not only a broad, detailed but a complex topic as well. This implies that before you attempt to repair or handle any repair project, one should have a proper understanding of he/she is dealing with. Electricians usually undergo several years of training before being issued with a work license. Therefore, they know what to expect in every situation and are equally better prepared to mitigate those situations as well.
  • Electricity is dangerous: As we previously mentioned, electricity is potentially dangerous, especially when mishandled. It continues to claim the lives of many individuals annually. According to a particular study conducted by California State University, electrocution remains a significant cause of death not only in the United States but major parts of the world as well. In fact, from 1990 to 2005, electrocution was ranked sixth in the list of reasons for workplace-related fatalities. It is strongly advised that homeowners should desist from carrying out Do It Yourself electrical repair projects.
  • DIY electrical projects can be costly: This is self-explanatory. Inappropriate and ill-advised electrical repair project will always result in unplanned expensive damages. In fact, even trying to replace an outlet could potentially result in costly electrical damage. To prevent such cases from coming up, homeowners should only consult qualified professionals when electrical repair issues emerge.
  • A professional electrician will always do an excellent job: Professional electricians are usually equipped with the necessary tools and gadgets and the ideal job skills to handle whatever electrical problem at hand. Qualified electricians have undergone intensive training on electrical service and repairs, installation as well as maintenance tasks. This implies that when working with a qualified and licensed electrical expert, you are in a high position to get a quality job done. What’s more, you can always be sure that the installed or repaired electrical systems will run efficiently when handled by a qualified electrician. This is because professional electricians have adequate training in the installation, handling and the maintenance of nearly every type of electrical system.

It is apparent that if you want to enhance both the efficiency and durability of your household electrical systems and appliances, you have to carry out routine electrical maintenance.

electrical repair

Check out below for some of the reasons why you should consider routine electrical maintenance.

Routine electrical maintenance guarantees the safety of expensive appliances:

Electrical systems such as air conditioners will need regular maintenance to function at their peak. Equally, it is only through maintenance that you can extend the life of your electrical systems. Simply put, routine preventive electrical maintenance is a worthwhile investment which can save you lots of money in the long run. To ensure that your electrical gadgets are well serviced and maintained, you should call a professional electrician at least once every year.

Regular maintenance can help reduce your energy costs:

A qualified electrician can help identify potential future electrical problems by doing the so-called thermal scan on your electrical gadgets. LED light bulbs, HVAC systems, and other units are known to consume lots of energy when faulty. It is only through regular inspection and maintenance that you can increase the efficiency of such machines.


Easy Steps to Reduce Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

No homeowner wants their air conditioner to break down all of a sudden – not only does it cause discomfort and a great hassle to you and your home’s other inhabitants, it can also leave a significant dent in your wallet.

air conditioner repair

Read on to find out about a few different ways you can help avoid emergency air conditioning repair.

1. Put your programmable thermostat to good use. The less work your air conditioner needs to exert, the less chances of it breaking down or failing on you. Your programmable thermostat can manage your air conditioning unit’s amount of work, especially when no one is home. You can adjust the settings of your thermostat so that your air conditioner maintains a relatively higher temperature when the house is empty (meaning it would need to exert less effort keeping the room cool), and will only adjust to a cooler temperature once you and the other members of your family are home. With a programmable thermostat that cleverly manages the work load of your air conditioner, you’re helping your air conditioner last a little longer.

2. Ensure that your home has proper insulation. Especially during the summer months, insulation for your home is critical in keeping it considerably cool. Without the proper insulation, your air conditioning system will have to work that much harder to keep your house cool, and the harder your air conditioning unit works, the more prone it is to breaking down and eventually requiring immediate split system air conditioning repair.

3. Make sure the area where your air conditioning system’s outdoor unit is located is always clean and well-maintained. Foreign materials like fallen leaves, branches, dried twigs and other debris can enter your air conditioner’s outdoor unit, potentially damaging some of its vital components. You must also keep the area around your air conditioning system’s outdoor unit free from potential hazards, such as trees that can fall on the unit during extreme weather. Such accidents will almost certainly entail emergency air conditioning repair.

4. Don’t ignore your air conditioner’s little nuances and changes. If you notice little things like a relatively higher electrical bill this month versus the previous month, though you are certain you used the air conditioner at only around the same frequency, or if you hear small noises coming from your air conditioning unit or detect strange subtle smells, these little nuances can be an indication of bigger problems. And you should have your unit checked immediately before the problem gets worse. Contact your trusted air conditioning service company immediately should you notice any of these subtle signs.

5. Regularly change your air filters. The filters on an air conditioning unit is a simple component of a relatively complex machine, but it is a critical one. Unfortunately, this critical component also experiences the most wear and tear, and at a relatively frequent pace. Regularly cleaning or replacing your air conditioning unit’s filters can save you from bigger problems with your unit in the long run, so never put it off!

air conditioning service

Don’t forget to schedule regular air conditioning service. Prevention is always better than the cure, and this is most definitely true when it comes to air conditioning maintenance.


Choosing A Water Heater Technician

You have enjoyed excellent service from your water heater after the heater installation. A discovery that something is faulty and needs to be repaired is made. You can’t imagine a winter without a heater. Now you need the services of a heater technician; you check your phone book, you check from the internet, you call friends and inquire from neighbors for the best tech around town. The feedback you get is overwhelming and more confusing. You have hundreds of options to at hand to choose from.

Don’t make the mistake of calling a technician whom you are not sure of his or her expertise. A minor repair if not handled correctly may cost you a lot by making it complicated or even forcing a replacement of the whole system. Here are few qualities you should put into consideration when searching for a heater repair. 

1.Highly experienced

How long has the technician done this job? A technician may be licensed but with no experience. A technician with several years in the field indicates trust of the society and many satisfied clients. He has come across many issues of heating repair, water heaters commonly have and knows how to deal with them with ease. Competent understanding of how the system operates is not only crucial for better services but minimizes injury or even death.

2.Licensed and duly certified

This is another very critical factor to consider. Nearly all professional jobs require its practitioners to have a permit of practice. The technician should possess the valid licenses, and you should confirm its status first before settling on one. He or she should belong to a professional association for credibility.

heater repair


Choose a technician who offers you a guarantee for the installation or repair of your water heater system. A guarantee will give you peace of mind knowing that you have someone to raise the alarm to in case things don’t work as expected. A technician offering a guarantee implies that they are confident in their abilities and past performances. It is a sign that they are sure of what they are doing you will love what he or she does. Only trust a technician who believes himself or herself on the work they do.

4.Customer service

Every human being will prefer someone or an organization which offers the best of customer care services. For instance a 24/7 emergency service. Your ducted heating repair will not break down at your time of convenience, so you need a technician who will be reachable any time of the day. Make sure you choose and stick to a specialist who will answer your call for assistance any hour of the day, any day of the week to avoid inconveniencing yourself or wasting time waiting for a technician.


choose a professional with a good reputation. He or she must have some references where you can inquire about their past jobs. Contacting a list of both recent and past customers he or she has worked for can help you prove the technician’s reputation. You should also get the relevant details regarding the projects done before, and how they fired on.

6.Cost- Every family would love to save a few coins for other home expenses. Cheap is always expensive, and also expensive is not always the best. Make the right decision when it comes to technician pricing. See if the practitioner understands the current market pricing of certain parts of the water system. Don’t allow to be exploited. Narrow your choices to 2-3 best technicians following the above factors and compare their prices.

Other tips which may help you choose the best heater technician includes: know the right questions to ask, choose a reputable company, look for rebates, read online reviews, and ask friends and neighbours. 

heating repair

Air Conditioning Repair: Your Guide To A Successful Home AC Repair

local ac repair

During hot days, there is not a single instance when we switch off the air conditioner and whether it is our home or our workplace, the air conditioner is always on. Air conditioners are also machines and therefore, they are prone to come up with certain issues that might steal the luxury of you using the system for some time. Hence, it is necessary to get your air conditioning unit serviced regularly to enjoy uninterrupted cooling otherwise; you might have to go through an air conditioning repairs process that might cost you some extra bucks, which is unnecessary. It is impossible that you will turn off the AC during hot summer days, so maintaining it as per the usage is an important thing to do for uninterrupted cooling. With regular maintenance and servicing, you can prevent air conditioning repair. It will not only help you avoid any breakdowns but also help you save some money that you will have to spend replacing the old parts. Here are some ways by which you can easily maintain your air conditioning system.

 ducted air conditioner repair

  1. Cleaning the outdoor unit:

The outdoor unit of an air conditioning is dirtier and prone to getting damaged in comparison with the indoor unit. This is because; the outdoor unit is also the exhaust of the air conditioner that throws out the unwanted air from the rooms. It attracts more dust particles than anything else in the system. So, cleaning it with a hose is a good thing to do to make the exhaust work properly. Otherwise, debris and other dust particles will keep depositing on the fans and the motor and at last, it will stop functioning properly.

  1. Cleaning the indoor unit:

This is where the cool air circulates from. Make sure that there are no dust particles attached to the screens and the vents, it can block the air passage, making the air conditioner to use more power to throw out the air. It is not only necessary to keep the air conditioner working properly but the dust particles can mix with the air it is throwing and there is a possibility of you inhaling the contaminated air, making you allergic and sick.

  1. Air filters need to be replaced once in a while:

Depending on the usage, make sure that the air filters of your air conditioner are replaced on a timely basis. This will help you breathe clean air. Schedule it on your mobile device that in every three months you have to replace the air filters of your AC; being on a schedule will help you to combat future problems that may lead to air conditioning repair scenarios.

 air conditioning repairs

  1. Keep the system pest-free:

This is yet another thing that will help you maintain your air conditioning system for years. By ensuring that rodents or critters like rats or squirrels are not using your AC system as their beloved home can help you save some extra bucks on repair. Rats have the tendency to nibble on the wires and other components they find interesting. Thus, having a regular pest control in your house is a great way to deal with the critters that can easily damage your property.

Word of caution:

It is necessary that when you do air conditioning service all by yourself, make sure that all the wires are unplugged. And handle the copper wires with delicate hands or else there is a probability of you denting it.